Sonia Lewis

Sonia Lewis
ASCRIBE Educational Consulting
Sonia Lewis
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Woman Owned Business, Minority Owned Business
Can you imagine a world if the Black and Brown experience were taught, while emphasizing the great contributions that built this country and in turn Black and Brown students excelled, following in the footsteps of their ancestors? Educational and racial equity are necessary if we seek a society that puts humanity first.

ASCRIBE Educational Consulting has made it a goal to create programs, lead trainings and write curriculum that will directly impact the most marginalized in community. It’s founders, former educators, experienced first hand the failure of the school system and united to change the landscape of possibilities, with respects to educational and racial equity. We reach this goal by doing the following 4 things:

  1. Create safe spaces with intention to lift the Black lived experience in an Ethnic Studies-is presentation, so to edify the landscape and totality of the human experience.
  2. Presentation Matters – making sure our presenters and trainers are specifically Black, Brown and women.
  3. Work to chip away at the school-to-prison pipeline, while challenging the failure of the school system’s responsibility to unworthy communities, based on white supremacy norms.
  4. Be present and provide tools for people to envision a new way of being, and not shying way from uncomfortable moments to make way for growth.

While our focus is educational equity, we’ve long realized the need to go beyond the school house but into areas where the school house has missed the mark. We want to live in a world where humanity matters, thus it is imperative we lean in with forward momentum so the outcome reflects anti-racism, and nothing less.

  • Sonia Lewis
  • Sonia Lewis
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