Tonna Miller

Tonna Miller
Two the T professional cleaning service
Tonna Miller
Let me teach you how to become a professional house cleaner.
I have been a residential & small business cleaner for over 4 years. My business is a cash-only business and that’s one of my favorite things about it. I have taught several of my friends how to start their own cleaning businesses and I effectively get repeat customers. Now it is time for me to teach others how to work for themselves with $50 or less to start.

You will learn:

• Types of residential cleaning services

• Effective cleaning methods

• Products to use

• Where to advertise

• Questions to ask customes via phone

• How to make cleaning advertisement

• How to get free business number that connects to the phone you already have

• Cleaning checklist

• How to create a free website & email

• How to create email invoice & reciepts

• Where to get a EIN number

  • Tonna Miller

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