Marlon and Vivian Jamison

Body/Room Mist
Xpressive Mocha
Marlon and Vivian Jamison
335 E Geneva Rd
Woman Owned Business, Minority Owned Business
*Coffee Enthusiast* Helping to create glowing skin, with a variety of handmade, aromatic products that will aid problematic skin including eczema. ☕️

Xpressive Mocha ( derived from the love of café drinks and smells ) is a small family-owned business that’s eager to create a line of quality and inexpensive products that produce results and nourish the skin. In addition, we like to offer the best products and services no matter how big or small the purchase may be.

  • Body Butter Collection
  • Marlon and Vivian Jamison
  • XM Beard Brew Collection
  • Sample Collection Pack

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