My Oil Of Joy For Your Mourning (Promises To Zion Book 2)


Could a long-buried secret give this family back the joy they’ve lost?
My Oil of Joy For Your Mourning, the second book in the Promises to Zion series will take you to another level of emotion with its gripping storyline that won’t allow you to go until the characters say so.
Elder Paige Morganson is facing relatively a couple of life-altering decisions. Some of them seem easy and others, not so much, but whichever way she chooses, the path will be filled with twists and turns a good way to rock the very foundation of her faith, causing her to question her ability to listen to God.
The very God that Victoria Branchett would curse if she could. Victoria’s plans to gain sole custody of her granddaughter, Vivian, are overshadowed by the want to save her marriage and hold on to the only man she has ever in reality loved. To take action, she will have to choose from keeping her secrets or him.
Elder Brandon Tatum is fighting for his life, which isn’t anything he hasn’t gone through before, but Paige is something else. Will he have the courage to put all of his cards on the table and do what it takes to keep Paige in his life?
The fog of grief Mason Jenson has lived under for two years is in the end lifting and he has his daughter Vivian and Elder Paige to credit his new life to. The real struggle will be in keeping them close. He’s built a life for his family before, can he do it again?

What do you do when your God-given dream comes to life but doesn’t last your lifetime?

***This is not a stand-alone novel. This is the continuation of the story from “My Beauty For Your Ashes”. You’ll want to read this series in order.***

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