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Dom Waltower

Dom Waltower
Violence Prevention Advocate and Motivational Speaker
Inspire Perspective
Dom Waltower
Dominique is an inspirational speaker who uses professional and personal experience to speak about domestic abuse and what is necessary for abusers to change their lives.

Dominique is an inspirational speaker who uses professional and personal experience to speak about domestic abuse and what is necessary for abusers to change their lives.

Dominique provides a safe, positive non judgmental environment where clients can freely express their ideas and concerns. Meeting clients where they are and walking with them through their experiences is the basis for every client interaction. Dominique brings a high level of compassion, empathy and understanding to each interaction.

Dominique has significant experience in the social service arena . Experience includes Group Home Counselor, Case Manager/Counselor, Juvenile Probation Counselor, Dropout Prevention Mentor and Children’s Social Worker, Job Coach and Program Manager.

Dominique was raised by a single mother in both San Diego and Chicago. He and his four siblings grew up in poverty and as a result, instability was the norm for the family. The family finally settled in south Chicago for nine years before moving back to the west coast. After the death of his stepfather, Dominique's mother became addicted to drugs and the family was torn apart.  Although this was a difficult time, Dominique, a gifted athlete, focused on his passion for football. After graduating high school he attended San Diego Mesa College.

Dominique maintained a full academic load, competed in football, and after practice worked as a custodian for the San Diego Unified School District. He completed his associate degree and also earned a football scholarship to Fresno State University. Throughout college, Dominique developed a love for helping those in need. Dominique graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and immediately went into working with youth and families. He started working in group homes and later worked in drug treatment, probation, dropout prevention,  domestic violence prevention, and as an investigative Social Worker.

  • Dom Waltower


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