Lauren Freidenberg

Lauren Freidenberg
Iredale and Yoo, APC
Iredale and Yoo, APC, 105 West F. Street, Fourth Floor
Civil Rights Litigation; Criminal Defense.
​​Lauren Freidenberg is an Associate Attorney at Iredale & Yoo, APC. She practices ​civil ​rights ​litigation ​with a specialization in law enforcement misconduct (​42 U.S.C. 1983, Bivens, and FTCA) and wrongful death causes of action.  Her other practice areas include prisoner’s rights, ​civil rights/liberties, and constitutional Law.
​She is a social justice attorney, an alumna of USD Law, ​and a mentor to social justice-minded law students.  Lauren is an active member of the National Lawyers Guild, and sits as the Diversity Committee Chair for the San Diego Lawyer Chapter of ​the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy​.  ​She is also a member of Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego and the San Diego County Bar Association.​
Lauren ​previously clerked at the Alternate Public Defender’s Office and the University of San Diego School of Law’s Small Claims Clinic, which provides service to low-income residents throughout numerous San Diego communities​​.
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