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Golden Shirt
Uplifting culturally inspired apparel, home decor and accessories.
Cassandra Hamilton
‘Night Sweetheart, LLC
Sleepwear and relaxation essentials
Aisha ElAmin
Just Greetings
Just Greetings is a greeting card line and accessories company focused on highlighting the determination and resilience of people who fight for justice. These inspirational greeting cards serve to centralize and celebrate the authentic voice of the marginalized. Inside of this history, there is a language, a style, and a way of communicating that holds richness and beauty in its articulation. Just Greetings strives to capture this beauty.
Tonya Lenae (Tonya King)
King’s Klutches
Tonya King started King’s Klutches in May of 2014. Being into fashion and styling she noticed the growth of fashion design around the Michigan area. Wanting to be more than a stylist, yet standing out from rest, handbags became her main focus. Having an expensive eye for high end bags at lower prices was a hidden talent she discovered. From that point on she launched King’s Klutches selling Fashionable handbags, wallets, clutches, luggage and more. In 2016 King’s Klutches recently launched its line of custom made clutches and purse charms. While currently studying handbag design, her bags are intended to make the ultimate Statement! No matter the occasion or outfit… your BAG should speak for itself! You can sometimes tell a woman’s status by the style of her bag…
Tasheba Jackson (Yasha Jackson-Reeves)
HBCU Customs
HBCU Custom Accessories, Decor & More
Joy Nails
Joyful Memories & More LLC
Joyful Memories & More LLC specializes in Memorabilia, Memory Frames, Scrap Booking, Totes, Apparel, Embroidery, Screen Printing, Team Sports, DVDs, CDs, Art work, in home Murals, Desserts and much more.
Carla Johnson
Independent Consultant
Thirty-One Gifts and doTERRA
Hi! Thanks for taking a look. If you have a need, want or desire, Thirty-one can help with that! Once you see what we have, let me know how I can help you get everything you’ve selected.
Geri Rogers
Glass Nail Files, Totes, Jewlery, Art & Spa Gifts
Gifts & Greetings
Keiala Jenkins
Keialas Yuneek Designs
We Custom make and personalize any clothing Item, Personal Tailoring…We also specialize in Handmade Jewelry any Color Style or Design
Naa-Anorkor Okai
A Fannypack Shop
Established in 2011, A Fannypack Shop was developed out of a need to provide a product that is very useful and needed by many for various reasons. A Fannypack Shop is the brain child of people who knew that the best product that people will always need is a fanny pack. Fannypacks are a true passion product for us but we still would like to provide quality, affordable, convenient, fashionable fannypack(s), pouches, backpacks, & luggage for your everyday needs. A Fannypack Shop would like to be your go to internet shopping place for all your traveling needs. It is our goal to become a household name for people on the go needing hands free source to carry all of your personal belongings while on the go traveling.